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School Policies


Fees and Payments

Fees for new registrants are due in advance of first lesson.

Fees for continued lessons are due and payable on the 8th lesson of every prepaid period.
Each payment consists of 8 lessons.

Fees include only the cost of classes.
Additional costs for class materials, concerts and examinations apply.

As per RCM syllabus, 45 minute classes are required from Grade 3 and 1 hour for Grade 4 onward.

Note: Vaughan Academy of Music will be issuing a receipt for your payments.
This receipt is the ONLY receipt that will be issued for tax purposes.

Payments can be made via cash, cheque, etransfer, debit or credit.

Missed/Make Up Classes

Missed lessons will not be deducted from the next payment. Make-up lessons will be provided ONLY with 24 hour cancellation notice and no more than one per month.

Make-up lessons must be scheduled within 2 weeks of the original cancellation.

Missed make-up lessons, lateness and additional cancellations cannot be refunded/credited.

In some circumstances such as lessons missed without notice or with less than 24 hours notice, lessons may not be eligible for rescheduling at Vaughan Academy’s sole discretion.

The Vaughan Academy of Music Agrees To:

- Reserve teaching facilities for individual or group lessons each week.
- Teach the enrolled student to play in a satisfactory manner in accordance with grade standards.
- Update parents on student's progress on a regular basis.
- Provide overtime instruction where necessary.
- Encourage student participation in recitals, festivals and competitions.
- Loan an elementary instrument to the student for the 1st month upon enrollment of a new course
(if instrument is available) Registrant must provide a cheque for the full value of the loaned instrument
to be cashed only in the event of damage or non-return. Cheque will be returned once the instrument
has been returned to registrant in good condition within agreed time frames.

The Parent Agrees To:

- Follow Vaughan Academy of Music teaching instructions.
- Advise Vaughan Academy of known classes to be missed as soon as possible such as school breaks, religious holidays, statutory holidays, appointments etc.
- Re-schedule missed lessons due to illness, inclement weather, family matters etc within 2 weeks of
the next regular lesson to maintain student's rate of musical progress.
Note: Missed lessons are taught individually by any available teacher.
- Register for examinations: Examinations for each completed grade are required in accordance with the current syllabus before continuing to the next grade. Examinations can be taken at Vaughan Academy of Music or RCM. Fees apply. Preparatory classes available.
- Return loaned instruments and accessories to the Vaughan Academy of Music in good condition within agreed upon time-frames. Cheque provided to Vaughan Academy upon loan for the full value of instrument will be returned to registrant if above conditions are met.
- Ensure their child(ren) are respectful of the Vaughan Academy of Music premises and all property within at all times.
- Inform the office at Vaughan Academy of Music if stopping classes upon receiving reminder of next payment.