Vaughan Academy of Music 

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Pre-school Program

Pre-SchoolOur Pre-school program is designed for ages 3-6. The teacher guides the child through a comprehensive approach to learning music that includes singing, listening, structured and expressive movements, rhythm activities, playing classroom instruments, and visual representations of notation. This program is specifically designed to engage young children and keep their interest in learning music.


Pre-SchoolTwice a year, we hold music recitals in a venue outside of the academy...Spring and Christmas. This helps our students develop confidence in their music achievement, as well as gain enjoyment in performing on stage.


Pre-SchoolTheory is a co-requisite for students taking RCM examinations to obtain their certificates in their instrument studies for a particular level and also a co-requisite for Vaughan students Level and up. Theory assists the student to understand, play and write music more proficiently.


Pre-SchoolAll students attending Vaughan have the opportunity to join our Saturday class at 2:30 p.m.
Admission is free and students are given the opportunity to perform at the Spring Music Festival as well as at the Christmas concert.